Revisiting a much loved home

Life has its funny little twists and turns!

I was chatting to my sister about a wooden floor I fancy having when we reminded ourselves of the beautiful mohuhu wood block floor our parents put in a home we once had built and lived in.

It’s been half a lifetime since I last saw the house but I did a google and spotted it is up for sale. Having sent the present owners some old photos of how it used to be I was very kindly invited to lunch with them last Friday.

So just days after thinking about Lindens I was once again in the home I used to love and seeing a mature garden where we once planted trees and shrubs in a field.

Isn’t this lovely?



Last week I went on a day trip to Avebury. It’s a lovely place to visit. First of all I went to the manor house which belongs to the National Trust.  This lovely house recently featured in a TV series called “To the Manor Reborn” and it was refurnished and decorated to allow visitors to touch things and try to imagine how it might have been to live in the house in previous eras.

The village of Avebury sits inside prehistoric stone circels and despite the rain it was a beautiful place to explore.


Beautiful flowers

You may have guessed I do love my gardening! Not so keen on weeding but even that’s more fun than housework 🙂

Despite the horrible weather lately the flowers in the garden are coming along nicely. My peony is doing its best and this year I have given it support so its flowers don’t flop around so much.

Then there is the lovely new patio climbing rose which I was given for Mothering Sunday. It’s settled in very nicely and has a lot of scented flowers.



My ferns and the black bamboo in its pot behind them are all growing well. I think the bamboo has grown in the week since I bought it so making note to self that it will always live in a pot!






I’m going to make another pond. I found a great little pond liner last weekend and have worked out where I want to put it. I have placed it on the flower bed for the moment but in the last couple of days it has rained so much it is half full of water already and I haven’t even dug its hole yet. I’m hoping it won’t be too much hard work to dig that but it isn’t a big liner.

I don’t really want fish but more frogs and other wildlife will be lovely.


So watch this space!







I’m a garden centre addict!

I blame the weather……….it was a chilly day and my first born and I thought “How about a little trip to the garden centre?”

Well last weekend I spent rather a lot on plants in another one so we thought we’d try the one to the north of my house. I had nothing particular to buy. I was going to keep daughter company as she chose two big pots.

So how did I end up with a trolley full of plants you may ask?

Well they were selling them off cheaply with many half price so how could I walk past the ferns and even the big black bamboo? Then the little pond liner is just what would look great near the top of the garden to attract yet more wildlife.

I love my wildlife garden. Hoping my leaf cutter bees will hatch soon. I did my best to keep them cosy over winter. They are supposed to emerge some time around now. I’ll let you know.

This afternoon a baby robin was on my bird table being fed by a parent (that’s a European robin which I think are cuter than the American ones I’ve seen in pictures). Meanwhile goldfinches were happily eating niger seed.

“The Wife of Llew” is finished

It’s taken weeks (not continuously) but I’ve finally finished engraving my big blue vase. This huge vase (29cm tall) was blown by Carl Nordbruch some time ago. I haven’t met him but bought the vase from a friend of mine. It’s got pale then dark blue overlays so I could engrave through the layers to show the colours.

The story is a Welsh legend but basically a wife is magically created from flowers by a magician for his nephew. Sadly she was not impressed by the man she was made to marry and she was unfaithful. She and her lover plotted to kill her husband and she was punished by the magician by being turned into an owl.

The sun shone briefly….

Well the sun did put in a brief appearance this afternoon so I felt inspired to take some photos of my garden. It’s coming along quite nicely though I have a lot of work to do. My tomato basket hanging on my willow tree is filling out well and has pretty petunias in it too.

My veg patch has runner beans, two courgette plants, a butternut squash and some rhubarb. Today I added some red lettuce and I may have another go at growing radishes. For some reason they would not grow last year!

So here is the view down my garden with the frog pond (which now has special ramshorn snails…..rather expensive but quite pretty when I can see them).

Now all we need are some good sunny days so I can potter about in my garden and try to get some of the weeds out.

I’m trying to plant lots of plants to attract butterflies and bees. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.