My garden news

In between thunder storms today I managed to take some photos of my garden. Yesterday I bought some pretty plants for my newest pond so I thought I’d share those.

I bought some new pond plants to put in my little pond. I discovered that my frog tub water snails have been breeding so I had some baby snails to add to my newer pond.

My vegetables are not wonderful this year as it has been a battle with snails and slugs but I do have runner beans and golden courgettes.





There don’t seem to be many butterflies this year despite planting numerous shrubs and perennials to attract bees and butterflies. I have a special butterfly house but they don’t seem that interested.

My garden is looking pretty good overall. I notice that my voodoo lilies are up again (the leaves that look a bit like a hand in the foreground). I’ve not seen any voodoo lily flowers this year which is probably just as well as they look really rather rude and smell of rotten meat to attract flies! Fortunately each flower only lasts a day and they don’t flower much. Nice tropical looking leaves though!


One thought on “My garden news

  1. katiepede says:

    Pretty pretty! xxx

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