There I was digging this hole…….

Well the new pond liner I bought a few weeks ago because it was on special offer has been sitting around at the top of the garden and I’ve been putting off digging the hole. Today it was cooler so I decided to have a go.

Not an easy task digging in my garden. There is rock very close to the surface then a layer of clay then another layer of rock.

A big rock lurked right in the bottom of where I wanted the pond so I attacked it with a pick axe (not very successfully!) then spotted a long and heavy crowbar in my shed. Remembering basic physics I used that to lever the rock out. Success!

A piece of carpet underlay laid in the hole and the pond filled with water, I then used the rocks I’d dug out to surround the pond.

Looking forward to seeing wildlife moving in.

and while I was taking photos I thought I’d share my lovely Chusan palm with you. I’ve had this since it was very small and I always wanted a palm tree with a hairy trunk.  Can you spot my sweet metal dragon too?

Happy gardening 🙂


One thought on “There I was digging this hole…….

  1. katiepede says:

    Awesome digging Motherr! And what a great pond, I am impressed! xxxx

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