My new leaf cutter bees

I’m really pleased today. Last year a number of leaf cutter bees made their clever little nests in the pretty little bee hotel my lovely daughter gave me. It was such fun watching them working and I looked after the baby bees over winter by wrapping their home in protective garden fleece.

It’s been such a wet miserable year until a few days ago that I was worried they were not going to hatch but the warm sunshine has brought them out. Yesterday I could hear munching as they were eating their way out. This morning I even managed to spot one resting before it flew away. Here is my photo of the newly emerged bee.



Then this afternoon I saw an older leaf cutter bee starting the cycle all over again by making a new nest.

It’s great making space for these fascinating little animals. 🙂


One thought on “My new leaf cutter bees

  1. katiepede says:

    I love this photo… better go and check my bee box!

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