I’m a garden centre addict!

I blame the weather……….it was a chilly day and my first born and I thought “How about a little trip to the garden centre?”

Well last weekend I spent rather a lot on plants in another one so we thought we’d try the one to the north of my house. I had nothing particular to buy. I was going to keep daughter company as she chose two big pots.

So how did I end up with a trolley full of plants you may ask?

Well they were selling them off cheaply with many half price so how could I walk past the ferns and even the big black bamboo? Then the little pond liner is just what would look great near the top of the garden to attract yet more wildlife.

I love my wildlife garden. Hoping my leaf cutter bees will hatch soon. I did my best to keep them cosy over winter. They are supposed to emerge some time around now. I’ll let you know.

This afternoon a baby robin was on my bird table being fed by a parent (that’s a European robin which I think are cuter than the American ones I’ve seen in pictures). Meanwhile goldfinches were happily eating niger seed.


One thought on “I’m a garden centre addict!

  1. katiepede says:

    Woop de woo! xxxxxxx

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