My mower is mended and it was sunny

Thanks to the mower manufacturer who kindly sent me the broken bit and a friend who fitted it, I am back to tidying my garden. A lot needs doing but it’s getting better.


The Wife of Llew in progress

I’m engraving a very large vase which is overlaid with pale blue and then dark blue over clear. I’ve chosen the Welsh legend of the Wife of Llew which lends itself to exciting and dynamic images. I thought I’d share it in progress. None of the 3 images around the vase is finished yet but there is the wife (Blodeuwedd), then the half woman half owl and finally an owl.

At the moment I am taking photos from inside the vase so these images are reversed from how it will look when finished.

The Queen may have glanced…..

A few days ago The Queen visited Somerset and she was shown a display of the work of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.

I was told this afternoon that I was one of the 20 featured Crafters and that a piece of my work was part of this. So that’s exciting!